Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Final Project Part 2

The photos are from a Buzz Feed article: “50 Best Food BlogPhotos of 2012.”  Howard Reingold, a communication theorist, writes about viral communities, that people can find and form support systems online, sometimes even better communities than in real life.  Through Buzz Feed, reddit, and other similar sites, people have the opportunity to meet others who agree with their thoughts and interests.  Not only that, but people collaborate and pull together similar blogs, photos, or ideas and have the ability to post them in a collaborative fashion on Buzz Feed.  Reingold would agree that as people follow the rules of Buzz Feed, policed by users, several internal communities are built.   This Buzz Feed article is a collaboration of many food bloggers, some of the best photographs.  It allows bloggers, people with a mutual aspect of their relationship, a forum to collaborate. 

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