Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Final Project Part 3

Yochi Benkler, a communication academic, finds that through social media and digital communication in general, the world has flattened out.  However, with that ease of access the type of conversation has decreased in importance.  Essentially, people have a platform to blabber all they want, but they are talking about nothing.  While I understand where he comes from,  my Storify proves he is not necessarily true.  This is a Storify entry, a place where tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, etc. can all be combined to make a story.  Mine particularly pertains to food blogs because, as I’ve been blogging about food all semester, I’ve created a Storify hosting different recipes from a variety of food blogs.  Benkler is incorrect in this case, because these are important, high levels of communication.  Though the development of the digital world, recipes have merely shifted from books to websites.  However, in my opinion this is not at the price of quality. 

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